J Bird Studio is a professional recording studio located in the North Hills of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We offer audio recording, mixing, and mastering services. We are passionate supporters of independent music and strive to enrich the local music community.

The studio is in a huge, one-of-a-kind converted farmhouse on four private wooded acres. Giant rooms, hardwood floors, cathedral ceilings. No neighbors, no city, and yet only 3 miles from the heart of Cranberry. We’ve got a well-balanced selection of recording gear and instruments, mics and pre-amps, vintage and modern, solid state and tube. Check the gear list. More importantly, we have a lot of experience using it.

I started playing instruments (guitar, bass, keys, drums) over thirty years ago, have been recording professionally for 20 years, and have worked in a handful of Class A studios throughout the country. My work has been played on numerous TV shows and radio stations worldwide. I’ve produced all kinds of Rock, Electronic, Acoustic, Folk, Indie, Pop, and Experimental.

Our ultimate goal is to help you lovingly craft a musical product that sounds uniquely like you. We can produce it raw or we can make massive over-produced walls of sound, but whatever it is, it has to sound like you. And you are allowed to have fun.

Stephanie will be here too. She’s a classically trained vocalist and musician who can play twice as many instruments as me. She’s the piano tuner, my assistant mix engineer, and she will probably make you look great in a bunch of pictures.

- J Vega

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